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General Conditions of Sale for DOUCAL’S products on doucals.com.

1. Scope

(1) The company Doucal’s s.r.l. (hereafter ‘DOUCAL’S’ or the ‘Supplier’) sells products bearing the ‘DOUCAL’S’ trademark.

(2) These General Conditions of Sale apply to all distance sales of DOUCAL’S products on doucals.com, including assistance provide through customer care. Distance sales, as regulated here, were designed in accordance with current Italian law and the EU Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EU), as an entity active within this system.

(3) The distance sales service described here is reserved exclusively to consumers. The term ‘Consumer’ is to be understood as any natural person who makes a legal transaction for reasons largely unrelated to trade, business or professional purposes. It is strictly forbidden to resell, hire or transfer products purchased on the Website for commercial or professional ends.

(4) DOUCAL’S may modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time.

(5) These General Conditions of Sale are published on the Website for the Customer’s knowledge, storage and reproduction.

(6) It is understood that by making an order on doucals.com, the Customer recognises and fully accepts, without any reservations, these General Conditions of Sale.

(7) These General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or the sale of products by parties other than DOUCAL’S, even if they are presented on the official Website through links, banners or other hypertext links. Therefore, before placing an order or purchasing products and services from parties other than the Supplier, the Customer is asked to check the related sales conditions. Under no circumstances may the Supplier be held liable for the services provided by third parties.

(8) Consult the privacy policy for information on processing of Customers’ personal data.

2. Product orders

(1) Orders may be placed directly by people of legal age who are not incapacitated.

(2) The Customer is obliged to provide DOUCAL’S with a valid email address to which the requested information, the information required by these General Conditions of Sale and any other information on the order will be sent.

(3) Any distance order placed by the Customer and covered by these General Conditions of Sale may concern one or more products.

(4) DOUCAL’S reserves the right to change at any time the limits on the quantities and/or types of products that can be purchased through distance sales.

(5) The Customer is responsible for selecting the items they are interested in. The Customer’s shopping bag and the order sent to the Customer after the purchase is complete include a description of the products ordered, including the measures and sizes (where applicable).

(6) DOUCAL’S adopts all suitable measures to ensure that photographs on its Website are a faithful representation of its original products, including using technological means to reduce inaccuracies as much as possible. There may be variations, however, due to the technical features of the Customer’s computer and colour resolution. Consequently, any confirmation of a product’s state is subject to the limitations of any inaccuracies in representation on the Customer’s computer. DOUCAL’S does not guarantee the identity or the graphic representation of products on its Website for purposes of their inspection, for the technical reasons outlined above.

(7) The Customer must click on the shopping bag icon to view the items they have selected and the total price of the items they have ordered. The Customer is asked to check the contents of their shopping trolley before finishing their order form according to the instructions given on the Website.

3. Product prices

(1) The prices of the products include all taxes and delivery costs, unless otherwise specified on doucals.com, on dispatch and delivery page, or on the order page.

(2) The price of each product is displayed for the Customer before their order is completed. All prices are in euros or local currencies as stated on doucals.com or on the order page, and include VAT.

4. Order completion

(1) The purchase procedure is complete once the Customer confirms the order. Upon confirmation, the order is sent directly to DOUCAL’S.

(2) The Customer may correct or cancel their order before completion by leaving the Website without confirming their order.

(3) The General Conditions of Sale can be consulted at any time on doucals.com.

(4) DOUCAL’S considers the Customer’s order binding once the entire purchase procedure is properly finished, without the Website detecting any errors. The contract between DOUCAL’S and the Customer is considered complete once the Customer receives confirmation of completion from DOUCAL’S to the email address provided during the order procedure and sent along with the purchase procedure.

(5) Before DOUCAL’S sends confirmation of the successful conclusion of the contract, DOUCAL’S reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept orders that do not provide sufficient guarantees of solvency or are incomplete or incorrect, or for which the products are not available. In this case, DOUCAL’S will inform the Customer that the contract has not been concluded and that it is not executing the order, providing the reasons for this decision. The Customer will be informed within 30 days of the order being sent to DOUCAL’S. Any amounts already paid by the Customer for the order will be refunded.

(6) Following the completion of the contract, the Customer will receive written confirmation of their order from the stated email address, giving the number and date of purchase, the product ordered, the price and the amount paid.

(7) The Customer can access and print off their order and these General Conditions of Sale in the My orders section, which also includes their order history.

(8) The Customer may cancel their order through the DOUCAL’S Customer Service department provided the products ordered have not yet been prepared for delivery.

5. Payment terms and conditions

(1) The Customer must pay using one of the methods listed on the order form.

(2) In order to prevent internet fraud, payments made through doucals.com are processed by Stripe.

(3) DOUCAL’S does not charge any fee for payment. Charges may be applied by your bank.

(4) If, for any reason, the amounts owed by the Customer cannot be charged, the sales process and the sale itself are automatically cancelled.

6. Retention of title

(1) The goods delivered remain the property of DOUCAL’S until the latter has received payment in full.

7. Delivery

(1) After placing an order on doucals.com, the Customer can monitor the delivery of their order on My orders.

(2) The Customer may contact the DOUCAL’S Customer Service department by email and ask for information on delivery.

(3) Items are only delivered to the address specified by the Customer once the payment for the order has been recorded. DOUCAL’S will process orders within a maximum of 30 days of the date of the order, upon receipt of payment, unless DOUCAL’S informs the Customer, within the same period, that the order has not been accepted, in accordance with article 4 above.

(4) The Customer may choose from the following delivery options, as indicated on the check-out page:

i. Standard delivery: delivery will generally take 2–3 working days but can take up to 4–6 working days (depending on the country).

ii. Express service: available for most items, delivery within 2–3 working days.

All delivery options available for the order and the related costs will be displayed at checkout.

(5) Delivery times are purely indicative.

(6) All delivery costs, including additional costs to be borne by the Customer, are indicated in the order form at the time of purchase on doucals.com. Additional delivery costs are not refunded in the event of a change of item or return.

8. Warranty

(1) Liability on the part of DOUCAL’S for any defective material shall be governed by applicable law.

(2) Any conformity defects in the products purchased on doucals.com will be subject to a statutory warranty.

(3) The Customer may not make claims on defective products if these are the result of a modification by the Customer or a third party, unless the Customer can prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery.

9. Returns and refunds – Withdrawal

The Customer can exercise their right of withdrawal as described below.

If the Customer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal, they must do so within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of delivery to the Customer or to third parties.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must fill out the form on the Returns request page on doucals.com to obtain a return form, sent by email. Once they have the return form, the Customer must print it and put it in the package together with the products to be returned, and arrange their delivery.

In order for the return to be accepted by DOUCAL’S, the products must be returned within 14 days of the date on which the Customer received them, and the following conditions must be met:

1. Products must be returned in their original packaging (box, accessories, plugs, protectors, leaflets, etc.).

2. Products returned by the Customer must not have been damaged, used, worn or washed, but may have been handled and inspected to determine their nature and characteristics. The soles of shoes must be perfectly intact. DOUCAL’S strongly recommends that the Customer try the shoes on a very smooth surface.

3. Returned damaged goods must be in the same condition the Customer received them in; the Customer must not attempt to modify, interfere with or repair them.

DOUCAL’S reserves the right to refuse any returned products that are damaged, found to be incomplete, deteriorated and/or dirty or in any state that clearly indicates that they have been used, and any products returned after the deadline stated above or not accompanied by a return form.

DOUCAL’S also reserves the right to claim compensation for any damage caused by the negligent or wilful conduct of the Customer at the time of returning the products. DOUCAL’S cannot be held responsible for products that are lost or stolen outside of its control, or for returns to the wrong address, or for delays in product delivery outside of its control, it being understood that the Customer assumes all risk for their returns. The Customer is also required to provide proof of return.

In case of withdrawal, the Customer will be refunded for all payments they have made to DOUCAL’S, according to the payment method chosen for the purchase, and for the products for which they have exercised their right to withdrawal, including delivery costs (excluding the additional charges for special deliveries described in Article 5 above).

DOUCAL’S will refund these amounts upon receipt of the returned product and having checked the integrity of the goods, or when the Customer proves they have sent the product DOUCAL’S correctly. Refunds will be made using the same method used for payment. Refunds are free for the Customer.

10. Limitation of liability

(1) The Customer cannot make claims for damages except in the following cases: Claims for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or from violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as liability for other damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent violation of duties on the part of DOUCAL’S, its legal representatives or agents. Cardinal contractual obligations means those that must be fulfilled if the objective of the contract is to be achieved.

(2) In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, the Supplier shall be liable only for typical, foreseeable damages under the contract if these are simply caused by negligence, unless the Customer is claiming damages for injury to life, body or health.

(3) The limitations in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall also apply to the provider’s legal representatives and agents if claims are made against them directly.

(4) This is without prejudice to the applicable provisions on product liability.

11. Product authenticity and intellectual property rights

(1) DOUCAL’S guarantees the authenticity and quality of all the products sold on doucals.com.

(2) The total or partial reproduction, modification or use of designs, models or patents owned exclusively by Doucal’s s.r.l. is strictly prohibited.

12. Force majeure

(1) Services provided by Doucal’s s.r.l. may be suspended in the event of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure that prevents or delays them.

(2) DOUCAL’S will inform the Customer of any such unforeseeable circumstance or force majeure as soon as possible. If services are suspended for more than 15 days, the Customer may cancel their order and will receive a refund for the amount they have already paid.

13. Privacy

(1) The Customer can find information on how DOUCAL’S processes personal data at any time in our Privacy Policy.

14. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The General Conditions, and any non-contractual obligations deriving from or relating to them, are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted on that basis (with the exception of private international law). This is without prejudice to laws in the Customer’s place of residence. All disputes deriving from or relating to the General Conditions or any non-contractual obligation deriving from or relating to them shall be settled exclusively by the Italian courts or the courts of the Customer’s place of residence if an overriding rule of applicable law so requires.

In case of any discrepancy between the General Conditions of Sale in Italian and any another language accepted by the Customer, the meaning and interpretation of the General Conditions of Sale in Italian shall prevail.

[Last update 19/10/2020]